Top 10 Best Food Trucks in Salt Lake City to Try in 2019

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The team at Chefpanzee has scoured Yelp, Google, Facebook, Instagram and our firsthand knowledge to find the best food trucks in the Salt Lake City area to try in 2019. The selection of food trucks is evidently subjective incorporating online review with our opinion of great food. We wanted to bring you this comprehensive list of the most delicious, scrumptious and authentic food trucks in the Salt Lake Valley to spice things up.

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Without further adieu…from a list of hundreds of food trucks, comes the people’s list of Top Food Trucks in the Salt Lake City area to try in 2019.

10. Freshies Lobster Co

Freshies started in Park City at the Park Silly Sunday Market in 2009 serving seafood such as Lobster Rolls & Clam Chowder. For The Freshie Lobster Co. Food Truck Schedule visit their site.


9. Normal ice cream

This mobile Ice Cream parlor is a must visit for any Salt Lake City resident. Owner Alexa Norlin offers a wide array of menu options from bars, sandwiches and choco tacos. The ice cream flavors change monthly and offered treats can change daily depending on how quickly they sell out. You can catch Normal Ice Cream at Trolley Square Wed to Fri 4-11 pm, Saturday 1-7pm and Sunday 1-5pm


8. made in brazil

Owner and operator Brazilian native Anne brings the authentic meals and desserts of Brazil to the streets of Salt Lake City and surrounding. Anne’s team loves what they do and it shows. Find there schedule on their Facebook page for your chance to taste traditional freshly made Brazilian cuisine for yourself.


7. Monsieur Crepes

Monsieur Crepes authentic and secret recipes have been passed down generations to Chef Maxime a certified Crepe Maker in France. With a mixture of traditional and unique flavors Monsieur Crepes has a crepe for even the pickiest eaters.


6. Kokonut Island Grill

Family owned and operated Kokonut Island Grill brings the savory taste and the Aloha spirit to the great people of the Salt Lake City area. They serve up specials of Chicken Katsu, Loco Moco, Garlic Shrimp and Kalbi Short Ribs. In addition to their food truck you can visit their restaurant in Bountiful.


5. Pompeii Pastaz

Italian food has history and a hearty soul. Head Chef Keith Mondragon was cooking at the age of 9 and while living in Italy learned his family’s authentic recipes. Encouraged by his mother Tiffani and business partner he opened Pompeii Pastaz and the rest is history.


4. The Komrades

Dedication to fresh, locally sourced ingredients packed inside a baked to order naan has secured The Komrades food truck as high ranking on our list. Your stomach and taste buds will thank you for making a trip to see The Komrades. You can find their next location by visiting their site.


3. Jamaica’s Kitchen

One of our personal favorites. The race between 3rd and 2nd place was a tight one and came down to who had the greater number of reviews. Chef Donovan was featured in our blog last month and we are proud of this gentle giant who grew up in Jamaica with his Grandma that taught young Donovan to “Do it right”. There is truly something for everyone at Jamaica’s Kitchen. Stay up to date on his truck’s whereabout via his Facebook page.


2. The Red Food Truck

Established in 2014. Serving authentic carefully selected Peruvian cuisine inside a sandwich or on a traditional platter. The goal of The Red Food Truck was to bring the heavenly taste of Peru directly to the people of Salt Lake City and the people have responded securing The Red Food Truck the highly honored 2nd place on this list. You can find where to get your next taste of Peru on The Red Food Truck’s Facebook Page.


1. Papito Moes

With 75 total perfect reviews across the internet the people have spoken and Papito Moe’s has secured the best of the best in the food truck industry here in Salt Lake City. Currently Papito Moes is the only Puerto Rican Food truck in the entire state of Utah. To be number one takes dedication not only to flavorful delicious cuisine, but also selection of ingredients, strict control of preparation, and a tremendous commitment to customer service. Find Papito Moes and experience the heavenly food for yourself. You can also taste Chef Jesus’s authentic cuisine by ordering through Chefpanzee for a lunch delivery to your home or office on January 12, 2018.