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Adversity Prompts Local Restaurants to Innovate

Adversity Prompts Local Restaurants to InnovateIndividuals and businesses alike have experienced huge losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Small restaurants, who normally function on thin margins, were hit especially hard by the health crisis. Despite the adversity,...

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An Empanada by Any Other Name

BY CALEB ASKINS Who doesn't love a good empanada? Empanadas are believed to have originated in Persia around 100 BC.  It is possible to have originated even further back in Mesopotamia. Inhabitants of that era would mix various meats, chickpeas and grains with...

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What The Truck Is Senegalese Food?

BY INDU SUDHAKARDon’t know what Senegalese food is? Don’t be so hard on yourself— we didn’t know either at first. But that’s the great thing about Salt Lake City’s burgeoning gastronomic scene; chefs from all over the world are coming here and introducing their...

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How Chefpanzee is Disrupting the Food Delivery Status-Quo

Disrupting the Food Delivery Industry - How Founders Indu Sudhakar and Caleb Askins Launched the Next Big Thing! Follow the global inspirations of Indu Sudhakar and Caleb Askins, the dynamic couple behind the latest food delivery platform--Chefpanzee. With Chefpanzee,...

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Interview with Chefpanzee CoFounder Indu Sudhakar

Co-Founder Indu Sudhakar with (left to right) Chef Roody, Co-Founder Caleb Askins, and Chef Jesus at a Chefpanzee tasting event.Interview with the Co-Founder of Chefpanzee: Indu Sudhakar Originally hosted by BUILT IN SALT LAKE, Jason Frazier on his podcast interviewed...

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10 Best Salt Lake City Food Trucks

The team at Chefpanzee has scoured Yelp, Google, Facebook, Instagram and our firsthand knowledge to find the best food trucks in the Salt Lake City area to try in 2019. The selection of food trucks is evidently subjective incorporating online review with our opinion...

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Profile of Chef Donovan

The Chefpanzee Nation is proud to Present | Chef Donovan Towering over a spread of Oxtail, Curried Goat, Jerk Ribs, Coconut Rice and Jerk Chicken stood the colossal Chef Donovan with a wide and playful smile. Donovan grew up in the kitchen with his Grandmother in...

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