“I have been cooking my entire life, everybody in my family loves to cook so I learned early on how to have a passion and love for food.

My life was filled with homeless shelters, drugs, violence, and foster care. Through all of the sadness, food has been the one way I could find an outlet and find happiness. Making people happy through the food I create helps bring me happiness, which was a feeling I rarely felt growing up.

Being torn between becoming a pharmacist or becoming a chef I decided to pursue the thing that brought me the most happiness and went to culinary school. I graduated at the top of my class and to this day I continue to strive for perfection in the flavors and dishes that I create.”

Chef Jesus


Owner of Papito Moe’s

“Born and raised in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, a small town 45 minutes North of Philadelphia, we moved to Salt Lake City in 2013.

I love the mountain views and Utah scenery but was saddened by the lack of Puerto Rican food available.

Fast forward to 2015, we launched our journey as the first Puerto Rican Food Truck in SLC!

Our love of food and family is our motivation for what we do. Food brings people together and that’s what it’s all about!

I love being able to share Puerto Rican flavors with people. I love bringing people joy through flavors that many have not tried before. It’s a blessing!

My goal as a business is to eventually have a brick and mortar restaurant— a place where people can get together, listen to live music and eat good food.”

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