Chef Paula’s love for cooking goes back to her early days as a child in Brazil.  Growing up with a large family that loved to cook, Chef Paula became enamored with cooking traditional cuisine. And for 23 years, that’s exactly what she and her family did in Brasilia, Brazil.

“Everything in her family revolves around food & everyone in the family played a part in the cooking,” Chef Paula’s husband, Marcus, explains. “I remember one of the first dates we had, I came to her house and they had a 5 course meal just waiting on the table.”

Chef Paula reminisces about Saturdays in Brazil, where it is customary for everyone in the community to celebrate the day by eating traditional comfort food like Feijoada. This Saturday, she wants to share those customs with the community of Salt Lake City by offering her selection of Feijoada, Brazilian Chicken Stroganoff & Tri Tip with onions.

And for the final course? Chef Paula recommends to plan for a nice, long nap— another Saturday custom in Brazil after a satisfying lunch!

Orders must be place by Friday, October 5th. Meals will be delivered on Saturday, October 6th between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm.

*Meal price includes the cuisine, packaged in a reusable container with plastic cutlery

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