Chef Jean Roody was born and raised in Haiti. He developed a love of cooking and food at a young age. He moved to the US as a young man with a dream.

In 2012, he started cooking Sunday dinner for friends. They all insisted his food was too good not to share. It took a few years of convincing, but Roody finally quit his job, and went into cooking full time.

Naturally, Roody wanted to cook with tastes he had grown up with– everything from his famous spicy Pikliz to the classic Du Riz a Legumes. Every bite of food you enjoy from Chef Roody enables you to experience of the taste of Haiti.

Chef Roody provides catering through his company, Makaya Catering, which also has a food cart at the downtown farmers market every Saturday. Additionally, you can find Chef Roody at his frequent pop up events or even book him for a private catering event.”