Interview with Co-Founder Indu Sudhakar

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Co-Founder Indu Sudhakar with (left to right) Chef Roody, Co-Founder Caleb Askins, and Chef Jesus at a Chefpanzee tasting event.

Interview with the Co-Founder of Chefpanzee: Indu Sudhakar

Originally hosted by BUILT IN SALT LAKE, Jason Frazier on his podcast interviewed Indu Sudhakar, co-founder of Chefpanzee – Your On-Demand Personal Chef! Learn what Jason discovered what this awesome start-up is building, why they built this IN Salt Lake, and the story behind the idea.

If you like food like Jason does, then you will love what Chefpanzee is doing. Do not forget to order a meal from one of our top chefs and enjoy the podcast.

Interview with the Co-Founder of Chefpanzee

by Jason Frazier | Podcast