The Foodies Deciding #WhoCanDishIt & #WhoGetsDished

Spicy Consulting

So excited for the competition tomorrow between Chef Donovan and Chef Danny Kourianos making Caribbean Fish Tacos. I know the theme is very different from what I am used to, and I can’t help but remember my time back in Baja when I used to enjoy street fish tacos, in La Paz, B.C.S. Heck! I used to make them myself. Curious what kind of tortilla they are going to use and the sauces too. I’ve had some pretty good experiences here in the States too and a very bad one where the taco had so much stuff that it was very uncomfortable to bite into it. all and all I am looking forward to a combination of Caribbean flavors, spicy, sweet, and citru. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!


I’m Christy. Most people don’t call me that, but you’re welcome to. Fig is my childhood nickname and the only way my five siblings have referred to me in over 25 years. You can call me Fig, too, if you want. I bake more than everyone’s grandmas combined, and I spend most of my time planning, purchasing, ordering, and/or preparing things to eat. 

I’m incredibly competitive myself but find watching other people’s competitions uncomfortable and live in constant fear of hurting someone’s feelings. You should expect to see me make lots of grimacing faces when it comes to actually picking a winner on Sunday. (WE ARE ALL TACO WINNERS.) If it takes picking a winner to have gourmet tacos delivered to my house, though, I got ice in my veins. 

I think tacos helped kick off the age of food we live in now–they’re original food truck fare, they’re super colorful, textural, and photogenic, and people are obsessed with them. I love every taco but especially love them stuffed with flavorful toppings and the hottest of sauces.

Competitors, thanks in advance for my own personal taco party, and I’m sorry in advance that I have to CHOOSE. 

Gastronomic SLC

When I moved here from the UK, I had close to zero knowledge of Mexican cuisine. Back over the pond, the opening of a Del Taco is feted as a big deal.  I’m not even kidding.  

Anyway, when I landed here nearly twenty years ago, Mexican food is one of the first cuisines I really threw myself into, be it dining out or cooking at home. I’ve loved learning about the ingredients, the culture, the cooking and more ever since. These days I make a mean cochinita pibil and am extremely handy with a jicama.  

I love Mexican food in all its forms, especially a great taco!  I’m excited to see how Danny and Donovan bring Caribbean flavors to the table as part of this Sunday’s Klash!