mm-hmm! That is a Tasty Pizza!

Chefpanzee Blog

Chefpanzee welcomes our newest partner – Victor’s Pizza – to the platform. 

Victor’s pizza is the brainchild of Victor Sevastyanenko & Amitpal Singh. Victor, who emigrated from Belarus in 1998, has many years of experience in the pizza business. Amitpal, who emigrated from Northern India in 1995, is an entrepreneur with a love for pizza and a business sense for what customers want.

When you look at the menu you see some classic toppings, you see some unique toppings, and then you see some names that start to sound familiar. Pulp Fiction! You’ll notice the pizzas are references to the Quentin Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction: Mia, Vincent, & Royale with Cheese. The owners’ diverse backgrounds shine through in their unique and ever-expanding pie selection. Quality is very important to the duo, from hand selecting and sourcing their produce to procuring quality meats from Boar’s Head. After spending some time with the owners near the end of a long day, I can tell the passion these two have for their pizza and their business.

If you have not taken the time already, I encourage you to go check out Victor’s Pizza or let Chefpanzee bring it directly to your door.