SLC Kitchen Klash

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Competitors are judged on all aspects of their food. The aroma. The intensity and fullness of the dish. The body. The texture. The taste. The balance. Last but not least, the authenticity of the cuisine – which is based on accuracy and a faithful representation of the dish chosen.                                

Let the SLC Kitchen Klash battle begin!

The battle is on! Chef Donovan called Winner of last SLC Kitchen Klash Danny Kourianos to a challenge of who can make the best Caribbean tacos. Hopefully, Danny has a couple of tricks up his sleeve, because Chef Donovan, owner of Jamacia’s Kitchen is going to be a tough one to beat!

Danny Kourianos Vs Chef Donovan

Caribbean Tacos , SLC Kitchen Klash

Danny took first place, judges loved the exotic pallet full of flavors both contestants brought to the table. Indu’s Larb had a nice little kick to it and put up a good fight. However, when it boiled down to taste, flavor, and balance, Danny won the majority vote!

Co-Founder Indu Vs Danny Kourianos

Who can make the best Larb , SLC Kitchen Klash

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