Christy Fig Eats

Christy G.


I’m one of those ridiculous people taking photos of every meal (@fig.eats on Instagram), I’m a 50/50 Phoebe-Ross hybrid (it’s as weird as it sounds), and I live and work in Salt Lake City. I primarily eat there, too, but love to go on trips planned entirely around restaurants I want to try. I enjoy getting my hands all street-food-greasy every bit as much as sitting down to a beautifully-plated entree.

When I’m not googling, preparing, or ordering something spicy and delicious, you’ll find me running, hiking, bossing people around, or just generally avoiding the dishes in the sink. I love trying new things and all the new things I want to try are food. Community and diversity are important to me. So is coffee.

Daniel Jacas


Born in Brooklyn. I’ve always been in love with food. I was raised on Jamaican food so that’s my favorite. I’ve gotten older and traveled a bit, and been exposed to many different cuisines. I try to get at least one dish that a region is known for. Now I’m interested in finding foods that are delicious and healthy.