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How It Works

Authentic, Chef Prepared Meals Delivered

Food delivery doesn’t have to be mediocre.

At Chefpanzee we believe that ALL food should be delicious and authentic. That’s why we partner with the best local chefs to create unique, locally-sourced meals…and we deliver them to your door. 

Step 1   Browse our chefs

Step 2   Place your order

Step 3   Pick up or get your meal delivered. It’s that simple!

Our Mission

Authenticity at Your Door Step

Everyone on the Chefpanzee team shares two passions: traveling and eating. Through our travels we have fallen in love with cuisines from around the world. We want to share these experiences with you.

Unfortunately, high barriers to entry in the U.S. restaurant industry make it difficult for many talented chefs starting out. We want to solve this problem.

By helping to provide chefs with certified kitchen spaces, a marketing platform & logistical solutions, Chefpanzee helps talented chefs more easily build a brand in their community.

In exchange, diners like you receive delicious, authentic cuisine from a chef in your community, delivered directly to your door.

That’s what we call a win-win situation.

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